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  1. The Reframing Story
  2. Cultural Stories
  3. Creation & Fall
  4. Israel's Calling
  5. Jesus the King
  6. New Heavens and New Earth
  7. The Church & the Spirit
  8. Strangers & Exiles
  9. Ambassadors
  10. Joyful Living

See the world afresh through the lens of Jesus Christ.

Episode 1 Preview

"ReFrame is a course that has been so well put together that it made me stand again in awe at God's sweeping story of redemption of the world."
René Breuel (Rome, Italy)

What is it?

ReFrame is a film-based small group resource designed to address the disconnect many feel betweem their Christian faith and the rest of life. Ten 40-minute videos blend world-class teaching from Regent College professors with real-life case studies of Christians trying to understand how to apply their faith to their professional and personal lives. It is available in digital or DVD format.

Who is it For?

ReFrame is intended for Christians who want to better understand how the biblical story shapes their lives. Although ReFrame was originally released in English for a western audience, postive feedback from around the world led to creation of videos with French, Spanish, and English sub-titles. ReFrame has been used successfully in churches, workplaces and homes in over 50 countries. Those who have enjoyed the course include universty students, retirees, stay-at-home parents, mid-career professionals, and those without employment.

How do I get it?

ReFrame can be ordered online at reframecourse.com/Spanish. If an organization wishes to use ReFrame with multiple groups at once, cost-effective Group Licensing is available. Alternate pricing is available for those who cannot afford to pay full price. See the FAQ section for more information.